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AOG Courier Services  in UK


  AOG Spare Parts  

If your aircraft has been unexpectantly grounded, this will seriously impact on your bottom line. Time is of the essence and it is critical that you receive the spare part as soon as possible. At AOG Pharma Logistics we regularly work with airline carriers ensuring that delays are kept to a minimum with our speedy courier service.

AOG Pharma Logistics is located in Crawley which is in very close proximity to all major airports including Gatwick, Heathrow and London City Airport. This makes us the courier of choice if you need an airline part in any of these airports.

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  Pharmaceutical and Medical Deliveries  

Whether you are undertaking research or conducting a medical operation, it is imperative that you have everything you need. At AOG Pharma Logistics we are here to ensure the success of your work by collecting and delivering whatever you require. From specialist medical equipment to time critical samples we provide cost effective solutions that regular couriers cannot offer.

We handle all items with the utmost care ensuring that they always arrive in their original condition. Should you need to speak to us, our drivers will always be available to speak and will provide ongoing updates so you know exactly where your item is and when it is due to be delivered. Contact us today if you need courier services in the UK and Europe.

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Pharmaceutical Courier Services  in UK


Palate Courier Services  in UK


  Courier Pallets  

If you have a big, heavy or bulk consignment of goods then the best way to deliver them is with a pallet. Pallets will ensure that your goods are safe, secure and compact, and we’ll be able to deliver your pallets to anywhere in the UK and Europe. There are no restrictions on what we can carry, and can transport any item however large or uniquely shaped.

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  Electrical Deliveries  

Do you have electrical, automotive or specialist equipment that needs to be moved? At AOG Pharma Logistics we can deliver anything that can fit on a 7 and a half ton truck. We can also deliver at a time that suits you whether it be the same day or a designated day. Get in touch if you require courier services in the UK and Europe.

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Electrical Courier Services  in UK


Fragile and imortant document Courier Services  in UK


  Passport and Important Document Deliveries  

Are you stuck in a country and need your passport? Or are you a business that urgently requires documentation? If so, trust AOG Pharma Logistics to provide you with the documents you need. Our close proximity to all major airports in London means that we can quickly deliver documentation to those travelling in and out of the UK.

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  Lost and Found Return Deliveries  

We understand that if you have lost a valuable or cherished item you want it back as soon as possible. Perhaps you have left an item at a hotel or on a flight. We can collect all kinds of items and will schedule delivery at a time that suits you.

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Lost item returns Courier Services  in UK


Ongoing Courier Services  in UK


  Ongoing Delivery Contracts  

Whatever your needs, AOG Pharma Logistics are here to provide you with cost effective solutions for all of your delivery needs. Make deliveries even more efficient by creating an account.

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If you require courier services in UK and Europe, contact AOG Pharma Logistics to find out how much it will cost to courier your AOG, pharmaceuticals or pallet. Make an enquiry or call direct on: 

Mobile 07944 445 915     Landline 01293 385 974